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Friday 26 August 2016

empirical evidence that gender parity in the workplace matters

Danika Kimball
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Since the early 1960s, business leaders have argued that expanding opportunities for women in the workplace would yield positive net results. Although it’s been a long time battle, statistics show that women have not fared as well as their male counterparts in the business and technology sectors. The gender pay gap and women’s employment statistics…
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Wednesday 16 December 2015

Satellite Selfies and Marketing Ploys Aside, Spectre Satisfies

Kate Voss
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Fans of the James Bond franchise have spent years eagerly awaiting Spectre, the latest installment in the perennially-beloved spy film series. Currently the second-highest-grossing film in the Bond franchise, Spectre revives the action-packed fun of the Roger Moore era. Though the film struggles to match the brilliance of Skyfall (2012), the film’s strong cast, visual…
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Wednesday 2 December 2015

the man at the pub: a story of casual sexism

Eden Gillespie
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I was having dinner in a cosy, welcoming pub with my family when a loud voice, belonging to the burly man seated behind us, interrupted our conversation. He was with a young couple, aged about 30, and their two young boys who had long hair and looked around the ages of eight and six. Each…
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Tuesday 27 October 2015
Featured Film News

representation and the pay gap: investigation launched to look into gender discrimination in hollywood

Arabella Close
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An official investigation into gender discrimination in Hollywood could be the first step in a class action lawsuit against major Hollywood studios. Fifty female directors have been asked by The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to detail any mistreatment they may have experienced in relation to their work. The investigation is in response to a formal…
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Tuesday 20 October 2015

vale, zoo weekly

Eden Faithfull
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Beloved friend of curious fourteen year olds and misogynistic chauvinists alike, we bid a snivelling farewell to Zoo Weekly. Zoo’s decline was a slow and agonising one, suffering first from a terrible case of plummeting sales numbers. The magazine’s publisher, Bauer Media Group, attempted to treat the immediate symptoms by removing it from the ABC…
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Friday 31 July 2015
Celebrity Featured Feminism Music

the battle and the war: tyler the creator and rape culture in australia

Annabelle Regan
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Trigger Warning: Rape and Violence Against Women On Monday, Los Angeles rapper Tyler, the Creator – real name Tyler Okonma – took to his twitter to tell his 2.48 million followers, ‘T IS NOW BANNED FROM AUSTRALIA, YOU WON @CoralieAlison IM HAPPY FOR YOU <3 [sic]’. Coralie Alison is the Director of Operations at Collective…
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Monday 4 May 2015
Featured Film Uncategorised

welcome to the dollhouse collective: a new all-female production company

Lauren Strickland
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  Australian actress Rose Byrne recently announced the formation of a new local production company, endearingly named The Dollhouse Collective. The group, made up of  Byrne, actress/director Gracie Otto, actress/writer Krew Boylan, director Shannon Murphy, and publicist/producer Jessica Carrera, has been put together with one aim in mind: to redress the film industry’s gender imbalance….
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Tuesday 28 April 2015
Featured Life Opinion Uncategorised

sexism in retail: a tale of creepy old men and men’s magazines

Sarah Randall
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In my experiences of working in retail, I’ve been pretty fortunate in regards to sexism. Apart from a few stand-out occurrences, most of my working retail life has been sexism-free, at least on the surface. However, the few times when I have been made to feel uncomfortable – because I happen to identify as female…
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Tuesday 21 April 2015
Featured Opinion

super bowl reflection: consumerism or sexism?

S. Makai Andrews
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As a daughter that was raised on yearly Super Bowl parties, complete with pounds of guacamole and endless mounds of wings, available in every heat level desirable, it’s no surprise that I was a little disappointed when I wasn’t at home to partake in the action this year. Many weeks have past since that weekend…
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Friday 20 February 2015
Arts Feminism Theatre

laura jackson’s ‘handle it’ explores slut shaming, sexism and social media

Jess Oliver
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There’s a new one woman show in town and it’s just jumped to the top of my ‘must see’ list! Handle It, written, produced and performed by the very talented Laura Jackson, tackles the dirty side of the internet in what promises to be a compelling and witty exploration of sexism, social media and male-female…
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Friday 5 December 2014

You’d be so much hotter

Kath Pollock

without those glasses Don’t you want us blokes to make passes? And while you’re at it, give us a smile You look like you haven’t been laid in a while And speaking of which, your friend’s a right slut If I was drunk, I’d fuck her, but Sorry sweetheart, did I touch a nerve? All…
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Monday 27 October 2014

reaction to renee zellweger highlights sexism in the media

Katelyn Cameron

Last Monday night in California, Renee Zellweger attended Elle’s Women in Hollywood Awards. Everyone was quick to pick up on the fact that the actress looked quite different to the way she had ten years ago, when she starred as the lovable, granny pant wearing Bridget in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. By Tuesday…
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Sunday 26 October 2014
Film Opinion

problematic portrayals of female villainy

Vanessa Brinis-Norris

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the film Gone Girl. Read on at your own risk. -Editor] Female villains in film, if well executed, make for interesting, complex and credible characters. As audiences, we do not see enough of them. Recently, a film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel Gone Girl was released in theatres…
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Tuesday 2 September 2014
Featured Politics

let them eat historical inaccuracies: in defence of marie antoinette

Lauren Farquhar
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‘Let them buy petrol’ The line makes little, if any, sense. The corresponding image is, sadly, a bit dumb for Greens party MP Adam Bandt. As shown below, the meme features a famous portrait of a 12 year old Marie Antoinette, which has been crudely photoshopped to have Joe Hockey’s face over it. It parodies…
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