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Friday 20 February 2015
Arts Feminism Theatre

laura jackson’s ‘handle it’ explores slut shaming, sexism and social media

Jess Oliver
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There’s a new one woman show in town and it’s just jumped to the top of my ‘must see’ list! Handle It, written, produced and performed by the very talented Laura Jackson, tackles the dirty side of the internet in what promises to be a compelling and witty exploration of sexism, social media and male-female…
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Friday 5 December 2014

You’d be so much hotter

Kath Pollock

without those glasses Don’t you want us blokes to make passes? And while you’re at it, give us a smile You look like you haven’t been laid in a while And speaking of which, your friend’s a right slut If I was drunk, I’d fuck her, but Sorry sweetheart, did I touch a nerve? All…
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Monday 27 October 2014

reaction to renee zellweger highlights sexism in the media

Katelyn Cameron

Last Monday night in California, Renee Zellweger attended Elle’s Women in Hollywood Awards. Everyone was quick to pick up on the fact that the actress looked quite different to the way she had ten years ago, when she starred as the lovable, granny pant wearing Bridget in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. By Tuesday…
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Sunday 26 October 2014
Film Opinion

problematic portrayals of female villainy

Vanessa Brinis-Norris

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the film Gone Girl. Read on at your own risk. -Editor] Female villains in film, if well executed, make for interesting, complex and credible characters. As audiences, we do not see enough of them. Recently, a film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel Gone Girl was released in theatres…
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Tuesday 2 September 2014
Featured Politics

let them eat historical inaccuracies: in defence of marie antoinette

Lauren Farquhar
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‘Let them buy petrol’ The line makes little, if any, sense. The corresponding image is, sadly, a bit dumb for Greens party MP Adam Bandt. As shown below, the meme features a famous portrait of a 12 year old Marie Antoinette, which has been crudely photoshopped to have Joe Hockey’s face over it. It parodies…
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Thursday 17 July 2014

wicked campers: signed, sealed, delivered

Emilie Bertsch
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Queensland Campervan hire company, Wicked Campers, has recently come under fire from all sides for perpetuating rape culture by plastering misogynistic slogans on their camper vans for hire. The specific slogan under question, which states ‘In every princess there is a little slut who wants to try it just once’, has led to a petition…
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Thursday 10 July 2014
Featured Feminism

masculinism and the ‘f’ word: a terrifying tale in modern discourse

Brianna Doolan

That’s right people, masculinism is a thing. When faced with this term, several questions spring to the feminist mind; is masculinism the countermovement to feminism? Is it pure misogyny? Or, is it simply a glorious celebration of what it is to be a man? In an article written in 2012 by Melissa Blais & Frances…
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Thursday 3 July 2014

lip lit: everyday sexism

Lauren Strickland
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Trigger warning: this review contains discussion of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. When Laura Bates started the Everyday Sexism Project back in April 2012, she did so with a simple goal in mind: to give women a place where they could share their stories. Initiated in response to Bates’ experiences…
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Wednesday 25 June 2014
Featured Feminism Sport

tackling sexism with sexism: collective shout and the lingerie football league

Ellen Read

  Being the feminist that I am, I’m all for calling out and challenging sexism. However, you can’t tackle sexism with sexism. In a patronising twist of events this is exactly what Collective Shout, an anti-sexism activist organisation, has tried to do. Legends Football League (LFL), commonly known as Lingerie Football League, came to Australia…
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Tuesday 17 June 2014
Column Sport

chicks with balls: the state of women’s tennis

Ally Van Schilt
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Join Ally Van Schilt for Lip’s new fortnightly women’s sport column: Chicks With Balls! Recently, Maria Sharapova defeated Simona Halep in the women’s singles final at the French Open, defending her title from 2012 and taking her total number of grand slam championships up to five, and her current ranking to fifth in the world….
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Wednesday 14 May 2014
Featured Music Opinion

What Makes a Gentleman* in the Music Business

Leanna de Souza
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*and an Arsehole   “It’s time for women to claim their power in music industry. We are good at it, we are leaders and nurturers, also the women I know in the music industry are some of the funniest, smartest, resourceful and passionate women I have met anywhere.” (YOKO ONO, SYDNEY PRESS CONFERENCE 2013)  …
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Friday 2 May 2014

memoir: do i scare you, bitch?

Kath Pollock
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At work, I’ve had to clean up faeces, urine, and vomit.  I’ve been called a cunt and a bitch, been threatened with murder, and told that I’m liable to be torn a new arsehole if I don’t watch myself.  I’m not a nurse, a therapist, or a police officer.  I work in retail. I’ve never…
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Wednesday 9 April 2014
Feminism News

in brief: the guardian turns everyday sexism back on men

Matilda Mornane
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Based on public encounters reported to them, The Guardian recently used scenarios from real women from the @EverydaySexism Twitter feed to turn the tables on sexist discourse. Video Producer, Leah Green went undercover for the four minute video, in which she depicts the real-life situations, instead cat-calling or asking unsavoury questions of the men she bumps…
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Tuesday 1 April 2014
Featured News

surfer girl: challenging sexism in surf culture

Ally Van Schilt

Olive Bowers has a very impressive family tree – her mother is Alice Garner, actor, writer and academic, and her grandmother is Helen Garner, one of Australia’s best known and most celebrated writers. Now, thirteen year old Bowers is making her own mark as an impressive role model for girls her age by writing an…
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