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Sunday 2 March 2014
News World

in brief: anti-pornography laws actually Inciting violence against ugandan women

Danielle Scoins
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New anti-pornography legislation passed by the Ugandan government has been criticised by activists for its impact upon women. The new legislation covers a range of issues related to pornography, including child pornography, pornographic publications and even suggestive music videos. However the main controversy to arise from the changes was the provisions surrounding dress code. According…
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Sunday 25 August 2013
News Opinion

reporting sexual harassment in india: raising awareness or creating stereotypes?

Kaylia Payne
One comment

‘India: The Story You Never Wanted to Hear’ was posted by Michaela Cross (using the username RoseChasm) on CNN iReport, and describes the sexual harassment she experienced when studying abroad in India. Since it was first posted on the website (on the 18th of this month) it has received over a million page views and…
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Thursday 26 July 2012
Featured Opinion

an open letter to bettina arndt

Emma Koehn
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Dear Bettina, I’m not sure if I form part of your key demographic, but now and then Facebook links me to your typings on men and what they want from us in bed, so I’m operating by the logic that if Mark Zuckerberg’s programming thinks it’s relevant to me, it is. I have to say…
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