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Friday 14 February 2014

another year, another valentine’s day: some things to consider on the day of love

Camilla Patini

Where on earth did this garish tradition begin? Valentine’s Day: a superficial and commercial enterprise that should be written off as a ridiculous affair, or so they cry down the Old Cynic Road. Some of us simply don’t care for the day at all; it’s overrated and anti-climactic at best. I am a cynic of…
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Wednesday 13 February 2013
Culture Featured

a guide to valentine’s day: the dos and don’ts for single girls

lip magazine

I don’t need to remind anyone that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Thanks to social media, card companies and just society in general, we are all reminded well in advance that Feb 14th marks the day for grand romantic gestures to and from our lovers. In Japan, women give their Valentine chocolates and the…
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Wednesday 6 February 2013
Featured Opinion

you’re single and lonely…you just don’t know it yet

Shannon Clarke
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Take a good hard look at your lives, single twentysomethings. The independence you’re enjoying is a ruse. At least that’s what Margaret Wente thinks. ‘At 36, being me was not so thrilling anymore,’ she writes. ‘Eventually it dawned on me that unless I took drastic action, I faced a future as a cat lady. That’s…
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