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Wednesday 18 September 2013
Art Arts Theatre

theatre review: brief encounter

Rose Pullen
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  Kneehigh’s Brief Encounter is Noël Coward on Noël Coward on Noël Coward. The production combines the texts of his 1945 film Brief Encounter with the 1936 play Still Life on which it was based, interspersed throughout with songs by Coward. First performed by the Cornish company in 2008, Brief Encounter has played in the…
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Tuesday 3 July 2012
Featured Opinion

SACE, or “sexist and constricting education”

Serrin Prior

Something is rotten in the state of South Australia. Let me introduce you to the new SACE (South Australia Certificate of Education). It would be hard to imagine a world where the state’s education curriculum isn’t a contentious issue. Parents, and children who have progressed beyond just simply resenting the education system, will always have…
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Wednesday 1 June 2011
Arts Featured

theatre review: the zoo story by edward albee

Rose Pullen
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(The Zoo Story L-R: Renato Musolino and Brendan Rock) A man sits reading a book on a park bench. It’s his bench, his coveted, sunny, Sunday afternoon spot. His name is Peter. He has a wife, two cats, two parakeets, and two daughters. He works at a small publishing house and makes roughly $18,000 a…
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