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Thursday 5 July 2012

seeing is believing

Lou Heinrich
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It took a long journey through my late teens to realise the extent that media portrayals of people like me (white females) affected my view of myself and those around me. The way that print and film represent different groups of people can have a huge effect on public impressions. Watching one of my favourite…
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Wednesday 28 March 2012

love out loud: let me count the lays

Dunja Kay
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As much as I love telling people what to do, I try to use this column to share funny and ridiculous anecdotes, and make observations about my love life and those of my friends, rather than as an instructional guide. But whether it’s because my writing this column means that people assume I have the…
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Monday 26 March 2012

just be yourself

lip magazine
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I am a girl, and thus it is an accepted fact that it would be embarrassing for me to admit in general society that I like cars, Formula 1 and motorbikes. It would also be a social faux pas for me to proudly thrust hand upon heart and declare to all and sundry that I…
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Sunday 22 January 2012

people are what feminists look like: speaking loudly should not mean shouting

Brad Lacey

My friends are, for the most part, very reasonable people. That’s at least partly why I’m friends with them. Yet many of them – people otherwise capable of, and enthused about, civil, rational debate about a wide range of topics – will simply roll their eyes (or worse) whenever I raise the topic of feminism…
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Wednesday 16 February 2011
Featured Opinion

i have depression.

lip magazine

I have depression. This does not mean that I am weak. This does not mean that I am an attention-seeker. This does not mean that I am not capable of normal functioning. This is not an easy thing to disclose when it should be. I’m not writing about it because I need to talk. I’m…
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