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Thursday 20 August 2015
Feminism Health

young minds matter: our girls in crisis

Amy Mowle
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Trigger Warning: mental ill-health, suicide The largest ever federally funded survey on youth mental health and well-being in Australia has delivered some shocking results. There can no longer be a question as to whether or not our young women are facing a crisis. In the two year survey, titled Young Minds Matter, one in 10…
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Wednesday 1 July 2015
Arts Feminism

q&a: tigress magazine for girls

Marissa Paine
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Lip chats with Isobel Taylor-Rodgers, manager of Tigress Magazine for Girls, about what to expect from the mag, why teen girls need feminism and why we should get down to Abbotsford Convent this Friday. Who is Tigress Mag for and what’s within its pages? Tigress is a teen mag for young feminists, we’re focused on…
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Sunday 7 July 2013
Fashion Opinion

you’re my wifey: the A&F effect

Abra Pressler

‘Hey,’ said my friend. We were thirteen and had managed to pull a little pocket money together to go shopping. ‘Did you know that Supré means ‘slut’ in French?’ It’s a rumour – albeit, a falsified one at that – that many tweens hear about the female clothing retail giant Supré, who claim to embody…
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