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Wednesday 18 April 2012

(sex)uality: values, sex, and the right to choose

Sara Berndt

When you write about a woman’s right to feel empowered sexually, you certainly get to have some great conversations. People from all sorts of backgrounds with all sorts of values want to engage in the conversation. My views and opinions on things can be radically different from others; I do, after all, publicly discuss masturbation…
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Thursday 16 February 2012

love out loud: the time i (pretty much) cheated

Dunja Kay
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Yep, it’s the week of Valentine’s Day, so I decided to get all celebratory and write two columns this week. But I still think it’s a pretty stupid occasion, even if I entirely support your decision to spend it as you will, and anecdotal experience tells me that this is a rather common sentiment. So…
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