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Wednesday 16 April 2014
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film review: the grand budapest hotel

Giuliana Cincotta

Inspired by the writings of Stefan Zweig, Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is truly a feat of grandeur. Set in the fictional Zubrowka, somewhere amongst candy-coloured Middle Europe, the story follows Zero Moustafa (F. Murray Abraham and Tony Revolori in youth), a lobby boy at the renowned Grand Budapest Hotel, and his relationship with the…
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Wednesday 9 April 2014
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The top ten wes anderson characters

Jade Bate
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In honour of the imminent release of Wes Anderson’s newie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Jade Bate has chucked together a list of the best characters out of all the auteur’s films. Prepare for an education! 10. Dignan (Owen Wilson) – Bottle Rocket In Wes Anderson’s 1996 feature debut, Bottle Rocket, three friends attempt to pull…
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