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C’est Moi

As a new addition to the lip team and possibly the only correspondent in Melbourne, I think I should formally introduce myself. I’m Brianna (or Bree to any one who can’t be bothered with all three syllables). I’m an 18-year-old Journalism student starting my first year at Monash Uni in two weeks.

I am a writer at heart and take great pride in seeing my name in the byline. My first published story was one I wrote for my mum while she was in hospital after giving birth to my brother. It was called ‘When mummy had the baby’, and I was six years old. I read it out loud for show- and-tell and the teachers loved it so much they had it typed and bound and I took great delight in doing the illustrations.

I love art but was never very good at it. I spent most of last year trying to perfect the art of photography, and wasted a lot of photographic paper only to find that the best pictures were not always technically perfect.

I am also a vegetarian and self-confessed coffee addict. My older brother had a work placement at Nestle and brought home a gallon drum of International Roast. Pity, I can’t drink anything but Nescafe – snobbish I know.

I have two brothers, one younger and one older. Dad is a musician who also drives buses for disabled children. Mum is a kindergarten teacher.

I have a moral objection to paying for sandwiches or bottled water.

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