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defending our online freedoms

The following is copied directly from an email I received from GetUp. It is an extremely important issue for all Australians, so please take the time to read about it and give your support.

With Telstra’s refusal to participate in filter trials leaving the Government’s internet censorship plan “in shreds”,1 there’s never been a more important time to tell the Government we want greater protection of our freedoms – both online and offline.

The fight against this internet censorship plan should serve to remind us these freedoms – of speech, expression, information and privacy – need our constant defence. It may sound incredible, but Australia is the only democratic country without formal human rights protections.

Luckily, yesterday the Government gave us a once in a lifetime opportunity to ensure our freedoms are finally protected in Australia by calling for community consultation on rights protection.

Click here to take the fight in defence of our freedoms to the next level, by calling for an Australian Human Rights Act that protects the values under threat from internet censorship:

As well as the democratic freedoms under threat from censorship, many day to day worries: job security, giving our kids a good education, paying rent to avoid getting evicted, getting good health care are all human rights issues that can be protected under a Human Rights Act.

Imagine telling your children you had a hand in creating the Magna Carta, the US Declaration of Independence or the French Declaration of the Rights of Man. We have a chance now to fight for Australia’s own nation-defining declaration.

But it won’t happen without you – many in the Government are hoping there will be little community interest in a Human Rights Act. But already over 85,000 of you have stood up against internet censorship, and over the last three years GetUp members have campaigned to defend our rights time and time again.

Click here to take the next step in building a democracy where our everyday rights are protected from Government interference:

Our freedom to communicate online is under threat and it’s up to us to respond. An Australian Human Rights Act can help protect that right and others, but we need a massive community response to show the Government we know and demand it.

We have one chance to set the standard of how we value our democratic freedoms. Be a part of this moment in history today.

Thanks for being a part of the solution,
The GetUp team

PS – Think freedom of speech is protected in Australia? It’s not. We’re the only democracy in the world without human rights protection. Click here to tell the Government it’s time for an Australian Human Rights Act to defend our online and offline freedoms.

1Labor plan to censor internet in shreds The Age 9 December 2008

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