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Free Paris

I was walking around the mall yesterday when I saw a t-shirt with ‘Free Paris’
sprawled across it. I sincerely hope it’s not making many sales, but I am thinking of making my own shirt: ‘Throw away the key’ and I shall commence wearing it on the 5th of June when her sentence begins.
Last night watching the news it seems Lindsay Lohan has decided to follow in Hilton’s footsteps and get behind the wheel of a car under the influence. I’m thrilled at the prospect of being able to re-use my shirt.
As a health professional I’ve been trained in limiting judgements of people and I like to think that I’m a tolerant person, but I draw the line at people getting behind the wheel of the car under the influence of drugs – whether it be alcohol or something else. This is something I have a zero tolerance for.
Is it the latest Hollywood starlet fad to drive under the influence? It may seem like Paris is doing ‘tough’ time for a relatively ‘minor’ offence but the reality is this woman is a role model (albeit not a very good one) and she influences impressionable minds. I am appauled at the ad for which ever US beer she launched earlier this year (something blonde) that is cashing in on this, using something along the lines of ‘send her to the biggest convict colony: australia’. No thanks! But this just goes to show how influential other people feel she is.

I hope that the recording artists and actors against drink driving are protesting over her reduced sentence – because the good work they do promoting an important message is shattered when people like Paris Hilton claim they are being treated ‘unfairly’ and fashion trends are supporting it.
Unfair is someone losing their life because some idiot gets behind the wheel of a car with their senses impaired.

I have no sympathy for Paris, nor for Lindsay…

2 thoughts on “Free Paris

  1. I’ve been watching the Paris saga unfold lately, and all I can feel for Paris is what a terrible “role model” that creature is. The new events – Paris being released for house confinement then being ordered back to jail – just shows what a huge gap there is in the justice system for the rich vs the poor. I’m sure most of the inmates going through a normal prison sentence (without Paris’ “special” needs) are wishing for the celebrity psychiatrist she got to bail her out as well.

    The whole situation gets to me, because I know someone who idolizes Paris and her princess lifestyle, and she’s older than I am. I hate that girls nowadays think that the best way to attain beauty, fame, fortune, love and happiness, is the way Paris does it – getting publicly drunk, sleeping around, and causing as much havoc as possible. Why are these women role models? What about women who have done something truly amazing with their lives – why have teen girls magazines suddenly stopped interviewing people like Liv Tyler, Reese Witherspoon, Nastasha Stott Despoja, Sofia Coppola… all amazing women who have attained great success without losing who they are or their brains in the process. Paris, Lindsay and Nicole aren’t role models – they’re just buzz from a bored media.

    Rach, if you start making those shirts, I’d happily pay for one.

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