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International Women’s Day Fair

The day was a great success. It was great to see such a variety of people turn up. Entertainment ranged from artists to activists, including speakers, poets, tribal music and dancing and an all girl hip-hop collective called ladies love hip-hop. There was also a charity art auction, with proceeds going to the tsunami appeal. And of course Kelly and Erin from the Pretty Ugly Collective, and myself were there selling badges, t-shirts mags and zines.

To everyone who made it on the day, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Also for anyone who expressed interest in lip and has found their way here, be sure to leave a note or email.

2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day Fair

  1. Hey Brianna,

    Those photos make it look like it was a great party. I didn’t do anything for Women’s Day. I’m sure there must have been stuff going on, but the only two events I actually heard of, – a talk by a women scientist and a mothers fair – didn’t really interest me. Usually I know about young & women stuff going on, but this year, nothing. It seems our local YWCA didn’t plan anything….

  2. Bree,
    Oh what fun, what fun. Great pics, good to meet you and how about that button revolution! Ladies love hip-hop was definatley a highlight, could be a great article….Rachel, sorry to hear about your IWD, I had so much going on here in Melbourne (most of it put on by the YWCA VIC) I’m now exhausted.
    Happy Women’s Day to All,

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