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Interview with Susanne Gervay

I just got off the phone to Susanne Gervay, the childrens/young adult author. Just wanted to publicly pass on some praise to Dave for his music reviews.

Susanne said, “I really liked the music reviews. At the moment I’m writing a young adult novel about youth culture and music, and I was reading all the music reviews and loved it”.

Brianna: “What did you like about them?”

Susanne: “I guess I like them because they’re honest. They’re not corny – I can’t stand that. And they talk about music in a real way I guess. And the ones he selects seems to be rhythm and blues, which is good. I mean I think music is the language of youth. And I think a lot of young people would read that for those reviews”.

- Great work Dave! Not bad getting that kind of praise from an established author.

Read more about Susanne Gervay and her upcoming workshop at the ACT Writers Centre in the features section of the May newsletter, to be released shortly.

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