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lip’s Sweet 16 on Halloween party!

The team behind lip magazine invites you to:

Sweet 16 on Halloween

to celebrate the launch of our 16th issue

Date: Friday 24 October
Time: 8-11pm
Location: The Front Gallery & Café
Entry: $6 and you get a ticket into our raffle prize!

There will be live bands, artist’s exhibition,
a film instillation and
prizes for the best Halloween costume!

Come along and bring your friends
for a night filled with fun and creepy costumes.

This is an all-ages event.

One thought on “lip’s Sweet 16 on Halloween party!

  1. Awesome!! This party sounds like heaps of fun!!
    I’m gonna go for sure! I’m gonna tell heaps of people about it and get them to come too. How fun. =D

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