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Playing House

I did something quite scary this week; my life changing decision of the year. I put a deposit on my first home and planted some roots.
I’ve known it was on the cards for a while, we’d been saving, organising pre-approval for the
loan and looking at so many over-priced houses that I’d almost given up in frustrtion, but nothing quite prepares you for that moment when you find what you want, make the decision and launch in.
I did’t sleep much that night – I’m not sure if it was from sheer excitement over the prospect that soon I would own it and be able to do what I wanted to it without landlord permisson, or from the fact that I have a mortgage and a very large debt to repay… Maybe a bit of both…
For the first time ever today my partner had to ask me if we could leave Bunnings yet and NOT the other way around. I was too buy designing a new kitchen, bathroom, painting the walls, adding new doors, knocking down walls… it was at that moment I realised that I was definately doing the right thing…

Tell me about your life changing decisions an how you knew you were doing the right/or wrong

One thought on “Playing House

  1. Congratulations Rachel, that’s huge news! When my boy and I bought our place a couple of months ago, I became obsessed with Better Homes and Gardens magazines and renovation shows of Foxtel. And our trips to Bunnings are epic!

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