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Raising money for ACT Rescue and Foster

click to enlarge“Princess Pissy Pants The Greedy Cheese Eating Bitch and Other Naughty Dog Tales” is a stand up comedy show all about the important place our pets hold in our lives… Dogs lick the tears off our face and in return we carry their poo around in a bag – now that’s friendship!!

Australian stand up comedian Joanne Brookfield and her beloved German Shepherd-cross Murphy spent twelve years together getting up to all sorts of mischief. Stealing food from housemates, scaring pizza delivery boys and hiding in the shower on Christmas Day …sometimes Murph would even do the same.

But this isn’t a show about “have you ever noticed how dogs are different to cats?” It’s about bigger things – life, death and how much Joanne despised carrying poo around in a bag. This “vigourously feel good show” (-The Age) celebrates the amazing bond we are able to form with an entirely different species and is touring nationally in September this year.

While in Canberra, the show will be raising money for ACT Rescue and Foster (ARF), a non-profit organisation who rescue dogs from euthanasia, and foster them until they can find permanent, loving homes. Since forming in 2001, they have already rescued and rehomed around 1500 dogs. There’s more info about them at

More info about “Princess Pissy Pants The Greedy Cheese Eating Bitch and Other Naughty Dog Tales” can be found out

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