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Sampler Column #3: Nu Chick

It didn’t dawn on me until last night that week 2′s Sampler comp closed on Valentine’s Day… and our featured crafter was Valentina Design. Purely coincidental I assure you. The lucky winner is Lily, and her Maltese Terrier.

This week we have up for grabs this adorable note sheet set from Nu Chick. Stylish and fun for jotting a little note to a friend or to yourself.

To win, tell us when was the last time you sent a handwritten note to someone, and what did it say? Email your response to by Wed 21 Feb. (The usual publishing and privacy rules apply)

5 thoughts on “Sampler Column #3: Nu Chick

  1. About 2 weeks ago I wrote notes to several family members (including my nanna), thanking them for their generous gifts – mostly cash to put towards my trip to london.

    At the same time, I also wrote to my mum’s boss, jill and her husband richard who run jill’s restaurant and moorooduc estate winery to thank them for their support of my exhibition by donating a case of wine for the opening. They hardly know me, yet support me time and time again in this way and really understand the importance of these small gestures in supporting an emerging artist.

    Could I use some gorgeous hand writing paper? You bet! Off to london in less than 3 months and will have plenty of excuses to write to friends and family back home. Not to mention continuing to thank generous souls like Jill and Richard.

  2. Probably something along the lines of:

    Dear IT Man,

    My computer is broken.

    Please excuse the handwriting.


    Not really. IT men only answer emails anyway. No, I usually write my good friend in Sydney all kinds of handwritten letters. She likes those, and I like recieving them, too.

  3. I havent written a note to someone in a while, but I have one sitting and waiting, to be sent to the person I love. It a small collection of very small things I have written over the last few months. I will include all of them

    I watch you sleep
    wrap my arm around you
    breathe in your warmth
    and know that I am inside you
    forced effort
    not ammusing
    I just want to tell you not to bother
    that way I can walk away now
    and pretend
    that none of this
    made me feel
    The ceiling of my room looks different now.
    Outside the rain continues, covering the world in its fear. I lie there, searching for hope in the silence. In her silence.
    The moment drips on and hums loudly in my head.
    I love you.
    I meant it. I know it.
    And now when I am wrapped in this silence I wonder how the truth could possibly do this to me.
    I love you
    words etched lightly on my tummy
    from you
    for me
    all I want to do is promise I feel this too!!
    for a moment i forgot where I was going
    as the dark enveloped me
    held me
    I feel the warmth
    of my hand being held in yours
    and now I know I am safe
    in the silence
    I can here you
    reaching out to me
    trying to get me to look at you
    to hear you scream
    you say
    I’m closing myself off
    but really
    I’m wrapping myself inside you
    so I can remain there always
    for you to find me
    on a rainy day


  4. The last time I sent a note to somebody was last Friday during my AP European History class. It said something along the lines of…

    On the way home do you want to stop for ice cream? And maybe the mall to shop for shoes for Italy?


    P.S. Mrs. Weigand looks like she hasn’t brushed her hair in days.

  5. The last time I sent a handwritten note (it was more of a letter) was to a female friend of mine and I was just telling her about my new degree that I’ll be starting soon and how I transferred from my previous degree.

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