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Sampler Column #4: Gifts Define

It’s going to be hard to part with last week’s cuuute Chick Notes, but I’m sure they’ll be put to good use by Lauren, our lucky week 3 Sampler blog comp winner.

Just as cute is this Ladybugs Hairclip, courtesy of Gifts Define. To quote from their website:

“INdollGENCES” is the popular nickname of our mini doll & accessories creations at Gifts define (from indulgence as they please, they pamper, they amuse). Each creation is a fruit of skillful, meticulous and highly creative artisans who really care of what they make.

To win, send an email to and tell us what “bugs” you about hair product advertising. Responses will be posted in the comments; email addresses are kept to myself.

Entries close: midnight 28 Feb

2 thoughts on “Sampler Column #4: Gifts Define

  1. What bugs me is all these advirts that show women with silky sleek friz free hair advirtising the frizz free products shampoo ect so i’ll go along and buy it and next min i have the biggest frizzy afro ive ever seen. the products simply don’t work thats what bugs me. FALSE advirtising grrrr!!!

  2. I hate that my hair never looks like the ads – no matter what I use! Sometimes the no-name stuff is just as good.

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