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Sampler Column #5: Fred Flare

Not much in the way of competition in our last Sampler comp, so Emily walks away with the Gifts Define Ladybugs Hairclip.

Keeping in with the theme of cute brightly-coloured accessories, this week’s comp is for this Batches o’ Patches by Their online store is named for Fred Astaire, as they believe that great design should be as fun as an old musical or a modern music video.

To win, tell us about something in your life that needs patching up. Could be your favourite jeans, could be a friendship. Email with your answer by midnight Wed 7 March.

7 thoughts on “Sampler Column #5: Fred Flare

  1. What needs patching, you ask?
    The leaky boat on the lake that I was in yesterday.
    It probably didnt help that it was raining something crazy either. Either way I was fighting a losing battle.

    I dont know how much these patches would help my leaky boat, but it would sure make it look awful pretty.

  2. sometimes in life’s day to day journeys, our spirits need patching up. the light within us get darkened by the dim and dreary things of lfe. the news, the weather, fights with friends or loved ones, illness or just a plain old bad day. but there are so many bright lil patches that can bring a smiles to the hardest of frowns. our friends laughter, the warmest of hugs from someone we love, your favourite meal made with love from your mum. or an unexpected visit from someone you havent seen in a while. or a gift from that special person in your life. if they could be sewn together with the thread of joy, we would never feel the cold of this world we live in.

  3. Right now, my knee really needs patching up. I wiped out yesterday when I was practicing hurdles for my track team and my knee has a huge gash in it, as well as multi-colored bruising around it. Which means I cannot wear a skirt. I just hope that it doesn’t scar up!

  4. My whole life is one big patch. Made out of loads of different little patches.
    Like a big patchwork quilt.

    But thats what makes us interesting.

  5. How about patching up my mouth? I get a nice case of poopie mouth from time to time. I smack my toe, and my mouth seems to know just where all the dirty words I’ve been storing up are residing. A careless driver tails me for too long, and my mouth knows exactly how to vent my frustration– in a foreign language I never knew existed. Since my mouth seems to run on its own momentum, a wonderful set of patches would probably shock it into submission, if only for a second.

  6. hey i like the patches alot, i would give the owl patch to my friend OWL who has just gotten in touch with me after five years because he was hit by a subway one night and after the hospital went with his parents to recover , five years later he finds our number and lets us know what happened WOW!!! he is a sweet guitar player and so he has gathered music equipment all this time, he cant walk , but he can play, maybe we can find a way to put it on his guitar or the case, thanks for the chance to win these kind patches, interactiviTEA yayness, wuv

  7. this is going to sound really cheesy.. but i’d say that i need patching up.. i need to reconcile myself with myself.. learn to love myself and be happy with who i am.. set realistic expectations for myself so i can achieve them and not end up hating myself (and thats why i need patching up!). probably if i end up being able to achieve that then other things in my life which may need patching up will be able to be fixed too :)

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