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Sampler Column #6: tomate d’epingles

It’s a good thing I don’t have to actually choose the Sampler competition winners, as there were some really great responses for the Batches o’ Patches comp. This week’s winner is Sarah.

Our next prize comes from tomate d’epingles. Recycled jewellery? How eco-chic!

You can win these fun retro hoop earrings by sending an email to, and tell us about something innovative you’ve made from recycled materials. Entries close midnight 14 March.

6 thoughts on “Sampler Column #6: tomate d’epingles

  1. I hate to tell you this, but I remember being in science class at Merici College and making an innovative paper rollie from some filter paper, and smoking it behind one of the science desks, just so I could bum suck it in front of my friends and show them how much of a ‘real smoker’ I was. Pretty pathetic really, but wow such a creative mind!

  2. Something creative that I’ve made….lets see…AH!
    When me, Sophie and Claire (Sophie and Claire are my two best friends and have been since year 7) were in year 7 we were in art class. And the teacher told us to make something out of old boxes and things we found around the class room, well us being year 7s thought this was really cool. So we grabbed some old boxes and started to make this really cool tower sort of thing (i don’t have a picture but i can get one if you like) we stuck it together using paper mache, and sticky tape. we left it like that, and we didn’t take another art class until this term, and you know what we found? the tower, it was sitting in the art store room. Sophie and i are in the same class and this tower has so much meaning to us now that we almost cried when we saw it. so now every lunch time Sophie Claire and i go into the art room and we are painting it so one of use can tae it home and it will be the most memorable thing from high school.

    so yes, that is my creative thing i made.

  3. I don’t know how innovative this is, but I take calendars from the previous year and make cards and envelopes from them. The little photos on the back of the calendar are just the right size to glue onto the front of the card, cut from card stock. I use corrigated cardboard to give dimension to the front. Coloured pencil-crayon or ink matching a colour in the picture, frames the picture to complete the look. I then take the large, matching picture, from the calendar itself, and make it into an envelope. I use an old envelope as a template. Then, I stack 6 cards and matching envelopes together and tie with raffia and give as a gift. One calendar makes two gifts. My cat-loving friends get the cat calendar cards; my motorcyle-driving friend gets the motorcycle calendar cards. So, I’ve enjoyed a calendar for a year, then make gifts out of them, and they are in turn given out to others as birthday or thank-you cards. People love them so much that I get everybody’s previous years calendars, each different – flowers, antiques, wolves, owls, Canada, medieval art, etc.

  4. Woah.

    Well, I dont seem to be as creative as some people. I dont have the patience for making cards out of calendars, and I am not much one for smoking behind the toilets.

    But this year, I got all my t-shirts that I never wear, and I cut them up, and I covered my school books in the fabric, with the t-shirts logo on the front of the book.
    Vinnies also supplied some of the tshirts.
    They look pretty awesome.
    Rolling Stones is my physics book.
    And the LIFT emblem on my religion book.

    Yeah, I thought it was classy.

  5. Innovative item out of recycled material? Well, I recycle clothing into new clothing (tops out of shirts, etc). But probably the more innovative thing I’ve done has been to crochet small purses out of different coloured shopping bags.

    I have also created ‘dunny scribbles’ which are like mini-graffiti walls. What I do is get old toilet paper rolls and put them into the toilet room with a pencil and start off some scribbles. It’s amazing what people draw when they’re bored in the loo! I keep them because they’re sometimes really, really well done. Or humorous. Or just plain stupid.

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