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Sarah Blasko: The Overture and the Underscore

by Melissa WelhamsSarah Blasko

On Sarah Blasko’s first album, The Overture and The Underscore, this beautifully voiced singer does an amazing job. The CD is one of addictive melodies and tunes, displaying the full range of vocal ability possessed by the singer. All the songs are well arranged, with easily layered instruments and constant back beats. Standout tracks include the first on the album, ‘all coming back,’ which impresses the listener from the very beginning, and ‘perfect now,’ a subtly sad song that rings true, as if it is from experience. Both songs show off Sarah’s unique voice and her skill of sharing stories through song. But the songs on The Overture and The Underscore are by no means all the same. As well as the slow and steady tunes, there are also slightly more upbeat tracks that show pop influences, while others lean towards a definite rock sound. The songs speak of loss and gain, and everything in between, with clearly heard lyrics that flow easily and smoothly. Sarah Blasko’s eloquent use of language is one of her best points. She had the ability to communicate exactly what she means and feels not only through her voice, but also through her songwriting. While this album isn’t exactly music fit for a disco, it is perfect for a late night at home, when you want to unwind to something that’s poignant and affecting, expressive and emotional.

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