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Since it seems to be ‘angry feminist week’ on the lip mag blog, I thought I would share this little gem. I don’t believe I am the kind to be easily ‘outraged,’ but when I stumbled across this website, I felt physically ill.

The website claims to be mens’ answer to The Rulesand other guy jerkaround guides that have been the rage with chicks of the 90s.” It contains ‘advice’ for guys, on how to score and avoid getting “walked all over” by chicks or becoming their ‘girlfriend’ (i.e being friends with a girl without getting sex in return). It gives tips such as;

[QUOTE] ‘Don’t ask to touch her/fuck her, just do, or at most just tell her you want her.. or “lets feel each other closer more directly”..etc.- watch her reaction..some resistance is okay, but if she has an angry look on her face, and is really putting up a fuss, then back up one or two steps on this list, and then resume going down the list after a couple minutes. Repeat as necessary. If she really doesn’t like it, she will get away from you (and if that happens, THROW HER OUT!, you got a FREAK!). Also, absolutely ignore anything she says. She will probably say she doesnt want to fuck you now, and other blah blah. Ignore it absolutely. Watch her body language only. It won’t lie, but her words probably will. In spite of what all the femenazi’s say, girls really like to be “taken”, and want to feel they “didn’t have a choice”. [End quote]

I can’t believe that there are people who actually think this way. According to a study by The University of Western Australia’s Crime Unit, 15% of Australian males aged between 12 – 20, agreed with the statement: “It’s okay for a guy to put pressure on a girl to have sex but not to physically force her.”

Sadly, these beliefs do still exist, and honestly it makes me sick.

It is challenging for me that almost every time I open my mouth and utter the word ‘feminist,’ people accuse me of hating men. I don’t hate men. And I know that generally most guys do not think this way. But it’s these kinds of attitudes – held by men and women alike, that makes feminism so vital today. And I think that this kind of feminist anger is completely justified.

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