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Some stories to take your mind off the RU486 Debate

Women make it to the Super Bowl
Finally, professional female grid iron players have made it to the super bowl. Sure they were all models who played in their lingerie during half-time, but if you’ve got to watch female professional sports players, then they may as well be hot!

One for the father, One for the mother, One for the Country
In a move that would make Tony Abbott smile, a Japanese royal wife has become pregnant again quelling fears that they may have to change succession laws to allow women to take the throne. Already the mother of two teenage girls, Princess Kiko was pressured to become pregnant again, or else:

“Some suggested the revival of the feudal practice of using concubines, adoption and resurrecting dead branches of Japan’s aristocracy to widen the pool of heirs. There has been continual pressure on Crown Prince Naruhito and his wife, Princess Masako, and, in recent weeks, gossip about a divorce so he can try again with a new wife.”

They should be so lucky, if they were in England, they’d have chopped off their heads!

Women get choice: dehydration or rape

Last week, Col. Janis Karpinski told a panel of judges at the Commission of Inquiry for Crimes against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration in New York that several women had died of dehydration because they refused to drink liquids late in the day. They were afraid of being assaulted or even raped by male soldiers if they had to use the women’s latrine after dark.

Yeah, fighting in a foreign country to get raped by your own soldiers – and who said women couldn’t make it on the front line.

Satan, thy name is God
A new type of protesters have emerged in America, gathering at funerals of dead soldiers who have fallen in Iraq.

The small, odd band of protesters — followers of a rogue Kansas Baptist preacher with a Canadian history — believe Kyle, and every other soldier, died to punish the U.S. for its acceptance of homosexuality. At more than 90 military funerals, the Westboro Baptist Church congregation has prayed and paraded an anti-gay message — waving placards which carry slogans like “USA=Fag Nation” and “Thank God for Sept. 11″ and “Hate is a Bible Value.”

Yeah…no amount of sarcasm can do justice to this one.

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