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Someone’s Holding Their Breath

After taking part in a group exhibition at the Alibi Room early this year, Marty O’Hare was invited to host his own solo exhibition.

‘Someone’s Holding Their Breath’ is the follow up to Marty’s very successful first solo exhibition ‘I Thought it was Real’ at Juggler’s Art Space last year.

‘Someone’s Holding their Breath’ is a photography series that examines recognition in our surrounds.

‘Pareidolia’ relates to the tendency people have to liken the exterior world to what lies within ourselves, to transfer onto our surrounds those qualities with which we are intrinsically familiar.

This occurrence is linked to imagination and often manifests as ‘castles in the clouds’ or ‘monsters in the shadows’.

However, when scenes we encounter carry with them a sense of presence and generate an atmosphere of their own, when settings confront the viewer with a sense of the inevitable, the point at which reality ends and illusion begins is not so clear.

‘Someone’s Holding Their Breath’ opens at The Alibi Room, 720 Brunswick St, New Farm on Thursday 31 July at 7pm and runs until 21 August.

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