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The Effects of Genital and Body Image on Women

The University of Sydney is currently conducting a study looking at the effects of genital image and body image on the sexual functioning of women. Within the study they’ll be looking at how physical perception of oneself can impact on one’s sexual self-esteem and whether genital image concerns influence comfort during sexual activity.

The ultimate goal is to help women to understand and become more comfortable with their genitals.

I think this is great. Research shows that there has been an increase in women getting cosmetic surgery on their genitalia. It’s unfortunate that so many women do not understand what a ‘normal’ vagina can look like and that every woman’s genitalia is different. It doesn’t help that if an image of a woman’s genitalia is to appear in a magazine or book it cannot appear without having significant photoshopping done on it. Why can’t the female anatomy be shown as it is naturally?

Anywho, I didn’t want to get into a big rant about this. I just wanted to bring this study to the attention of all the lip readers and staff. You can participate in the study by way of an online survey which will take you all of 20-30 minutes to complete.

I will be extremely interested to see the results of this when the study is completed.

3 thoughts on “The Effects of Genital and Body Image on Women

  1. Thanks for posting that Kim. I recently did a similar (although a lot less official sounding) survey organised by Bust. I’m not sure if the results are out yet on that one, but it’s good to see this issue getting some significant attention academically and in the media.

  2. Wow, this is good and bad – but I am mostly shocked to hear there has been a rise in genital cosmetic surgery? The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind that people are getting this done! I agree, it will be very interesting to see what the results are.

  3. I say a vagina is vagina. I can’t believe people get cosmetic surgery for their genitalia. I know of male enlargment procedures but what do women get it for?

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