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The New Scene

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For decades, teens and adults alike have adopted new looks and trends that stick. The 60′s was the hippie, the 70′s was the infamous feathered hair (need I say more), the 80′s was the new-age punk, and the 90′s- well.. consisted of Seinfeld and flannel shirts.

But recently an underground teen hipster look has been spotted.. Well that is if you know where to look…

Myspace! Where else? The modern day, virtual version of Woodstock; Myspace, Facebook, and Bebo have all become a paradise for that rebel teen wishing to express themselves.

But on a more technical standpoint what exactly does a Scene, Emo look consist of?

Big obnoxious over-processed hair, 14 layers of makeup, facial/nose piercings, tattoos. I must say though ‘scene girls’ do take risks, especially with color and mixing patters- something that many other stereotypical styles neglect.


2 thoughts on “The New Scene

  1. wow, i love the hair, and the random colors and patterns on the hair and clothes, plus cute hello kitty

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