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Want to promote your business, product, or organisation to a community of savvy, smart, engaged young women? You should consider advertising online with Lip!

Each day, Lip reaches a huge audience of young, intelligent women across Australia. Our website receives thousands of unique views daily, and we’re sure our readers would be interested in learning about your product or organisation.

We are currently offering sidebar ads and sponsored posts, at competitive rates. Please note, however, that we will only promote products or organizations that align with and suit the general Lip ethos.

And remember, Lip is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation – so by advertising with us, you’re helping to keep a unique and independent magazine running!

For a copy of our media kit, or for more information, contact Zoya at [email protected].


If you are a larger business or organisation, we can offer you a unique opportunity to engage directly with the Lip community through sponsorship. As a sponsor, you can work directly with Lip‘s editorial staff to develop a package that best reflects your brand, through page, feature, whole issue and event sponsorship.

When you decide to become a Lip sponsor, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Ethical promotion

Ethical promotion means that organisations and businesses represented in Lip magazine are included because part of their business is encouraging the wellbeing of young women and/or communities.

As part of being an ethical consumer is being able to choose wisely, Lip can help foster choice by providing information about products and services available. Lip also recognises the importance of strategic alliances with organisations and businesses that offer services and products that serve to enhance the life of young women; improve women’s health; are safe for our environment; and promote creativity, critical thinking and awareness.

Lip will accept sponsorships from businesses and organisations that:

  • help young consumers to make informed decisions
  • provide information about health services available to young women
  • promote the use of environmentally-friendly products
  • demonstrate the use of creativity, empowerment and initiative by young people
  • offer perspectives and voices that can help young people to understand the world

Lip does not include advertorial

Participants in our sponsorship program:

  • will not in any way dictate or censor editorial content
  • will not portray images of young people that Lip staff deem to be negative or detrimental to the physical or mental health of young women, or misleading or manipulative
  • will not be expected to receive endorsement of a business in return for gifts or donations

For more information please contact [email protected]