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artist profile: caitlin owen

Photo Credit: Robert Wojciechowski

Caitlin is a Melbourne based artist. After beginning a Diploma in Fashion Design, she found that her true creative spirit lies in Fine Arts and hopes to study it in the near future. She hopes to become an art historian, curator or tattoo artist. As well as working on her own personal artworks in the future. She has yet to be formally educated in a traditional Art class, but finds that her ability to create and inspire is something that comes to her completely naturally.

‘The Ice Queen’ – Caitlin Owen

What medium do you find most useful for inspiration?

I find inspiration in other artists style, techniques and the meaning of their works. Whether it’s political or about a reflection on society. I also find inspiration in different cultures, fashion styles, architecture and tattoos.

Explain your style in one sentence.

I draw/paint women, they’re usually something other worldly, mystical creatures, mermaids or ice queens.

What is the common thread in all of your paintings?

There is always a dark side, yet there’s something beautiful and alluring in each one.

What is your creative process like?

It is a bit manic, and it takes me a while to think of things or to get the motivation. Although sometimes it all comes at once, and I have to write it all down and draw it. Once I get started I don’t want to stop.

‘Siren’ – Caitlin Owen

view Caitlin’s tumblr here.

if you would like to contact Caitlin, contact her at [email protected]

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