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artist profile: katrina young

Katrina Young is a young up and coming Illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Diploma of Illustration. She is still influenced by her Fine Arts background as well as strongly influenced by the multitude of books she reads, cinematography and her favourite artists.

Her artwork spans many mediums and themes, but she specializes in portraits, and has lately developed an obsession with pattern. To her surprise she has even been published!

She loves reading and collecting swords, but can’t cook to save her life.

‘Truth Or Care’ – Katrina Young

‘Washing Line’ – Katrina Young

1. What mediums do you utilise for inspiration? (e.g: film, other artists, blogs, websites, magazines, novels…)
Mostly novels (I am a massive book-nerd), but also films (and film scores) and other artists.

2. Explain your style in one sentence.
Detailed whimsical artwork, usually with a strong narrative.

3. How do you think computer programs (Illustrator, Photoshop) have influenced your style/work?
I am primarily a traditional Illustrator, but I do use computer programs. I have a love/hate relationship with Illustrator, but Photoshop (and another program called ‘Daz’) have certainly changed how I plan the composition of an image. I can move all my ideas around until I have it all in the right spot, and then I start drawing from there.

4. Where do you see your work going in the future? (e.g: murals, fabric patterns, etc;)
A few years ago I was experimenting with painting portraits on transparent fabric, I’ve been wanting to follow that idea for a while and will hopefully get back into it soon. I also, at some point, want to write and illustrate my own book.

5. Which artists are you influenced by the most?
Fuco Udea is my favourite at the moment. I discovered her when I was wandering around Japan in January, amazing ideas and colour. Abigail Larson’s work is also beautiful, I wish I could do linework like her! And I’ve always been influenced by John Howe’s art, since I was a little girl.

‘Bellamy’ – Katrina Young


Katrina’s online folio can be found here.

Her deviantART can be found here, and her blog can be found here.

2 thoughts on “artist profile: katrina young

  1. WAY TO GO KAT! Good job on being published again in yet another magazine!

    I’ve been following Kat’s art for the past four or five years, and she is the main reason I joined deviantArt. I am glad to see that she is gaining the publicity and attention she needs for her art to sell!

    My best wishes to you, Kat!

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