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Embody Denim

I’m continuing my activist fatigue and indulging in some mindless consumerism.

Ok, well, I tried (damn you, Outnet and your 1 pound sale — NO ONE could get on the website last Friday), but there’s nothing I really want or need at the moment. Typical!

However, if you want to indulge in some mindless consumerism, I got an email this week from Embody Denim. I would really like to own a pair of Embody jeans, because they do look awesome, but at most pairs being over $150 and with nowhere I can actually try them on first locally to me, I’m highly reluctant to do so.

Those of you who do own a pair or some form of Embody Denim and have access to making a video, can go into the draw to win a jeans wardrobe worth $750 if you:

“Make a 15-30 second commercial for Embody Denim featuring yourself or your friends. The commercial is to be based around positive body image and the projection of size acceptance. And of course you need to be wearing an Embody Denim product. Post your commercial on YouTube then email us your link. Please email your link to [email protected] along with your full name, address and phone number. The competition ends 21st of May 2010 at 10pm and is open to Australia, New Zealand and U.S citizens.”

Seeing as I’m not indulging in mindless consumerism, why don’t you do it for me?

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