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fashion profile: destroy x

Destroy X’s creator, Amelia Arsenic has an ambitious objective for her website: ‘I aim to inspire, provoke debate and share my knowledge through regular posts about the wonderfully decadent, eccentric and dark visually exciting world that we find ourselves in.’

Currently residing in New York after living in Berlin, 24 year-old Amelia Arsenic is involved in more than just the one pursuit. She has started a new make-up range, Miss X Aesthetic Laboratories, and a clothing and art line called A Is For Arsenic, performs makeup and style tutorials via her site, runs an advice column inviting readers to ask questions on beauty, inspiration and everything in between, is a visual designer on both photo and video shoots, is in an industrial cyberpunk band called Angelspit (signed to Metropolis Records in the US), is also involved in the running of the band’s record label Black Pill Red Pill, and still has time to run her website! Amelia also provides links to some of the other fashion blogs that share her same sense of the alternative and quirky, such as Gala Darling and Haute Macabre.

The inspiration for much of Amelia’s art comes from her love of the colour red, polka dots, Sonic Youth, Russian Constructivism, big hair, vintage clothes, latex, typography, and strangely enough, antique medical equipment, a diverse but winning mix of things that have no doubt won over many fans of her art and interests. As long as it’s ‘subversive, audacious or red (preferably all three),’ as she writes on her page, Amelia will no doubt love it.

People are able to contact Amelia through her website to post their own art and advertise, as well as to collaborate with her on other projects. Fans are also able to buy Amelia’s self-designed and made products through her website, which include jewellery, clothes, art, cosmetics and even music.

Destroy X, above all, is a website that allows Amelia Arsenic to present her own thoughts and observations on the world, especially with her stance on the art-based, as well as a look into her own personal experiences. It provides another side to fashion away from the mainstream; a side that is bold, unusual and most definitely peculiar. It may not be your usual classic attire or haute couture, but it provides a dramatic alternative to the norm.

As long as she keeps at it, her fans will keep visiting the site with great interest and inspiration.

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