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sydney underground film festival

The Sydney Underground Film Festival is just around the corner, so be prepared for some unique, independent and experimental films. Every year there’s a selection of documentaries, features, Australian premieres and shorts.

The quirky comedy Super, starring funny man Rainn Wilson along with Liv Tyler, Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon, will open the festival on Thursday September 8th. Even though he lacks the traditional heroic skills, Frank (Rainn Wilson), decides to take on a superhero/crime-fighting persona as The Crimson Bolt, with the hopes of ‘saving’ his ex-wife (Liv Tyler) from a drug dealer (Kevin Bacon).

William S. Boroughs: A Man Within explores the life of controversial author William S. Boroughs whose novel Naked Lunch has become one of the most highly regarded literary works of the 20th Century. The film includes a notable soundtrack by Patti Smith and Sonic Youth, and features some fascinating archival footage, along with interviews with John Waters, Iggy Pop, Gus Van Sant, Laurie Anderson, and David Cronenberg.

Set in Texas, another captivating documentary is Better This World which chronicles the movements of two childhood friends, David McKay and Bradley Crowder who became swept into the world of a charismatic, but manipulative revolutionary. In 2008 at a Republican Convention, the “Texas Two” were arrested with multiple domestic terrorism charges, highlighting the detrimental effects of the War on Terror on the American public.

Star Wars fans should check out Trilogy from filmmaker/artist Kostas Seremetis who has edited together a collage of the first three films in the saga. It’s an interesting watch.

For something a little darker, Guilty Pleasure is an erotic Japanese noir thriller. Based on a true story, the film’s classical soundtrack is  juxtaposed with its themes of death and insanity; while the closing night film X by Australian filmmaker Jon Hewitt, which screens on Sunday the 11th, exposes the seedy and dangerous side of Sydney’s red-light district.

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