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interview with linda vydra: founder of pins to kill

Model: Linda Vydra

Model: Linda Vydra

Pins to Kill, or P2K  for short, is a clothing line made by women, for women. Customers can get their hands on custom-made leggings, or choose from a range of already designed funky styles, once P2K launches on February 2nd!

I had a chat with the founder of P2K and she explained to me why P2K is more than just about wearing something, it’s about the power of positivity and empowering women across the globe.

Could you tell us first about your career so far? Have you always worked in fashion?

I have studied Advertising at RMIT and worked in the industry soon after. I found that it wasn’t quite for me and found myself flicking through magazines and cutting out images that I liked and thinking about doing something else with my days. I have sewn from a young age and always enjoyed making my own clothes.

I then studied Fashion design at RMIT and soon after graduation I established the Lydra Group, which has evolved year after year.

The Lydra Group originally started of as a handbag label and from there it evolved to creative services such as laser cutting and digital printing. You can see a bit more about my background here-

What inspired you to start P2K?

I was fascinated by fashion at a young age and felt inspired when I discovered the power it held for an individual’s identity and confidence. Many things inspired me to start P2K but that idea of fashion itself really set the foundation; I wanted my garments to give women that positive power. I also really enjoy the idea of digital printing and the freedom it gives you to create garments exactly the way you want them to look.

Tell us about P2K and its mission.

There are so many women around the world who are killing it, reaching their goals and doing the things they love, but there are also still so many who aren’t and feel for them its impossible. This is why the P2K goal is to, encourage women to reach their goals no matter how big or small. I am supporting those who are living their dreams and those who have just taken the first step towards theirs. I want P2K to be the key to unlock a community of women who support each other, knowing each time they pull their leggings on they have chosen to move closer to their goal and inspire another to do the same.

Model: Anna McNulty

Model: Anna McNulty

What have been the biggest challenges about launching P2K?

I’d have to say time. When you have a vision in your mind and you are bringing it to life, you want it be done ASAP, but then planning takes time, choosing the right ambassadors takes time and building the brands vision. I think from this experience I have learnt that sometimes this isn’t a bad outcome and it gives you the patience to look to the future.

Can you tell us what the P2K ambassadors are? What do they do? Can anyone be one?

P2K ambassadors are women who honestly doing what they love. They are women who are positive role models doing amazing things around the world. Our current ambassadors are from around the globe ranging from ballerinas to surfers to rock climbers. These women are capturing their lifestyles and sharing their moments with us online. The reason our ambassadors are so diverse is because we want women to know that yes, you can be an ambassador. I want women who are wearing these leggings to feel connected and as proud as one another. I want the woman who wins her first race to feel as brave and proud as the woman starting her first job as a teacher. P2K isn’t about comparing the best lifestyle. P2K is instead about encouraging others to be their best and reach for their goal; that is what a true P2K ambassador would do.

What are you most looking forward to once P2K is launched?

There is so much to look forward to!

–       Photos of girls killing it in their field wearing P2K

–       Walking past a customer wearing a pair!

–       Feedback from customers and other brands.

–       Seeing the different designs customers request.

But mostly I’m excited to sit back and #pinstokill to see other women commenting on each other’s photos/blogs/websites encouraging and supporting one another.

Model: Jessica Dales

Model: Jessica Dales

Do you have any plans for the future of P2K or are you just letting this wave take you wherever it may go?

Yes I have plenty of plans but to start with I’m happy to ride the wave for now. I believe from every experience you are always learning and evolving, and it’s important to take this in, in order to help make your next decision. To all the men out there, what do we think about Meggings?

Can you tell us all the details about the launch and how to buy the products/be involved?

I would love to! P2K launches on February 2nd and you can purchase your own pair of P2K via our website – To keep up to date with any news and to support all our ambassadors and customers, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and #pinstokill to see our wonderful women chasing their dreams.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for featuring us on Lipmag and share my story about so I can reach my own goal of encouraging women out there to be dream chasers. Looking forward to an exciting 2016 ahead!

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