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live music review: the go! team, the corner hotel, 10 may 2011

Firstly, I must commend Ninja on her fitness level. The woman is unstoppable. That gig was essentially an hour and a half of cardio, and she did not miss a single beat. She even incorporated high kicks. Yes, high kicks. That’s what you get with The Go! Team. Pulling out all the stops, including double drum kits, typewriters, flashy steel drums and a revolving universe of explosive energy. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

Northeast Party House had the privilege of opening for them, and you could tell those kids were stoked. They’ve been around the Melbourne party gig circuit for a little while, and this is a great milestone. Purple Sneakers kept the mood elevated until the stage was full and ready to go, and out came the Brighton band, guns blazing. Fresh off the Groovin’ The Moo tour train, they had lots of noise left for Melbourne, and the crowd couldn’t wait.

They started off with ‘T.O.R.N.A.D.O’; so loud, so satisfying. This is what everyone was waiting for. I loved that it was interact or die; Ninja kept the crowd dancing, and you couldn’t help but feed of her infectious energy. They moved on to play songs from all three albums, with favorites like ‘Ladyflash’ and ‘Buy Nothing Day’ (first single off their most recent album, Rolling Blackouts), practically lifting the roof. Ninja mentioned that we should all be careful, and not hit our heads on the pillars peppered about the venue, because that’s what something she would do. I could see it happen. The stage was certainly nowhere near big enough for all the mad vibes ricocheting off the walls.

Kaori Tsuchida and Chi Fukami Taylor also took turns at the mic, which really is a testament to the bands cohesive bond, and the continuous swapping of roles. No one person was in the spotlight more than the other, and it was excellent to witness that.
They also waxed poetic about their appreciation for Australia (and yes, I know all bands do that, but this time, you could taste the sincerity, you get it?) and how they always to do their best to incorporate the only-continent-that’s-also-a-country in whatever tour they plan.

Word of advice, see them at a festival next time, if you haven’t already. Walls contain them, and they shouldn’t be contained.

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