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interview: ball park music

Brisbane’s Ball Park Musichave been busy, busy, busy. Lip spoke to them about their year of madness, pending Boy & Bear tour, and the memories they will take away from their Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs tour.

Dean! How does it feel to be done with this tour?
We’re all a bit sad actually. Here in Sydney for the last show, it’s been pretty amazing, just meeting people, playing with such great bands. It’s all turned out so much better than we thought it would. You know, there are always expectations with going on tour, and nothing ever happens like you thought it would.  But seriously, this was a lot of fun.

What was one of the most memorable parts of it?
Wow, it was all a lot of fun, so hard to say. But probably when we found out that two of our shows had sold out. I think one venue was 450 capacities and one was 200. It was pretty mind-blowing to think that that many people liked our music! And wanted to actually pay money to hear it live. It’s a good feeling, it really is. You know, to not get that sense of anxiety before the curtains go up, wondering if anyone is there, and then just to see and hear this huge crowd, it felt really, really good.

I know the album just came out, but how do you think that sort of confidence boost will effect the next release, do you think it will allow you guys to get a bit..kooky?
Ha, kooky! Love it. Well we’ve already started writing new stuff. And it will help, absolutely. I think we’ll definitely be able to expand a little bit more, now that we know we have a fan base that wants more. I don’t think we want to be one of those bands that releases predictable records.

I totally agree! But judging from the response the album has been getting, you definitely don’t have to worry about a fan base. How do you feel about the reception from the album release?
We’ve been pretty stoked with a lot of the reviews, definitely. No one believed it would be this well received. And as always, there are going to be a few not-so-great ones, but I guess you just learn to take it in stride, and view it as constructive criticism.

Now that that’s over, do you get any time off, or is it go go go?
Yeah we get.. a day. Well, that’s not much at all. But it’s just that, and off with Boy & Bear for the Moonfire tour, which we’re really looking forward too. As tired as we are, it’s great being on the road. And we didn’t really have plans after that, or for the next year, but we just found out that we’re playing a summer festival or two!

You guys played the Triple J Unearthed launch party a couple of weeks ago, how was that? And just to make sense of this question, how do you feel about the digital music phenomenon?
Well it was a DJ set, so it was great to just ‘spin some tunes’ and have a little spin-off with the Doctor (Lindsay McDougall), which was good fun. Digital music? Well. To be honest, we wouldn’t be where we are without things like Unearthed and other programs like that. Not everyone wants to hear music made by kids from small towns and stuff, you know? So they really make what used to be so difficult, that much easier, by creating a platform for us. As to where the Unearthed Radio will go, I guess we’ll just have to see! People are skeptical, which is fair enough, but honestly, we’re just grateful for the opportunities they present.

Anything you’d like to just, put out there?
I think you’ve pretty much covered it! I hope everyone goes out and listens to the record, and catches us supporting Boy & Bear.

Ball Park Music are currently supporting Boy & Bear on their national tour. You can find out more here!

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