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live music review: bitch prefect, the liberty social, august 17 2012

Supported by ASPS and The UV Race, Bitch Prefect kicked off their Big Time album tour in that very confusing maze of a Liberty Social Club basement. What a strange place. Sure, it has played to a few good bands since opening (kudos to the booker!), it definitely can’t shake off the inner city vibe, which is quite an acquired taste. Maybe it’s just a bit to get used to, when one is accustomed to the good old Tote and slightly more welcoming watering holes/venues of the outer suburbs. But I digress.

Venue aside, there were many, many people lingering about Flinders Lane, smoking, chatting, deliberating what record they were going to be. It was pretty undeniable that people were disappointed about this being the last UV Race show for a little while. Especially that we will be denied, for the foreseeable future, the sometimes shirtless stage antics of lead singer Marcus. It seems to be quite a fixture, and he definitely went out in style, proudly displaying a brand new (still cling wrapped) tattoo. To many, many cheers. And yes, as always, they played a raucous set, everyone sang along, got way into it, spilled drinks, jumped around, etc etc. But it’s the UV Race, what else do we expect, folks?

Opening with ‘Holiday in America’, with lots of smiles and new haircuts, the now Melbourne-based band Bitch Prefect seemed a tad nervous. But then again, this was a packed show, and it took a few songs, but before you knew it, shirts (well, drummer Pat’s shirt) came off and fist bumps were made. Unfortunately, it seemed a little rushed, but nevertheless enjoyable, and being the first show of the tour, seemed to go off without a hitch. They finished up with their single ‘Bad Decisions’ and gracefully exited the room. But evidence of a great night was maintained by the records seen tucked under arms, protected from the rain by leather jackets, and they will, for sure, be played again and again. Bitch Prefect, you did good.

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