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live music review: the fearless vampire killers, the toff in town, 17th march 2012

Before you lose your mind over yet another vampire dedicated commodity, I’m here to ensure that The Fearless Vampire Killers are something that anyone can fall in love with – sorry girls, there’s no Robert Pattinson in this one, but there is still a whole lot to gawk over.

So I bring you the truly “awesome foursome”, right from the heart of Melbourne’s bustling city, and perhaps one of Australia’s greatest modern interpretations of blues-based music. And for those who are fed up with the dance music revolution that is hitting up the younger demographic, these guys are truly a blissful escape.

They could easily be likened to that of Australia’s very own, Jet, with an explosive set of tracks that are bass-heavy, but clean-cut in a way that would leave all garage bands green with envy. I do warn you now, girls, you need a good pair of shoes to accommodate those feet, because these four will have you moving before you even realise that you are.

Even more likeable than their ability to bring back originality to Australian music, The Fearless Vampire Killers give off a good, old Western vibe in their more recent releases of, “Mexico”. Trust me on this one, this song makes the urge to shout, “Yeee Haw”, even harder to fight than the temptation to steal lead singer Sean Ainsworth away for the night.

You needn’t worry about those psychedalic, 60’s pumping vibes that I know you are seeking, because these guys definitely have it, as well as flawless breakdowns that classic Australian rock needs in order to survive. By the end of it, I guarantee the drum solo will have the crowd’s “encore!” shouts silenced by the rattling of the bars bottles – I applaud the two bartenders efforts to hold the liquor to their shelves during this one minute spectacular finish – but will not leave you cursing your ringing ears.

The Fearless Vampire Killers are gearing up for their soon-to-be debut album release as well as living up their touring dream around Australia this month. No doubt the international music industry will snap these guys up in a heartbeat, suit-jackets and all. Bravo!

By Cassie McBlane.

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