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new music roundup: september 21


Here’s is what we’re listening to (and watching!) this week at Lip!

Not Like Me – Gentry

This is a gem that belongs in the past, but strangely enough feels very now. The London-born Gentry has created a perfect slice of polished, flashy pop-rock, with an engaging voice and 80’s-esque synth that is sure to draw comparisons to Prince, Bowie and the Scissor Sisters .

A Light – Ruby Goe

Ruby has a strong, unique voice that lends itself perfectly to this track. Guaranteed to get a dancefloor going, this is is a well-crafted offering from the British alt-pop singer.

Hold On – Róisín O

This Irish singer/songwriter has already been compared to the likes of Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and Joanna Newsom, and if Hold On is anything to go by, those comparisons aren’t that far off. This moody, breathtaking track combines  Róisín’s subtle, pure vocals with soaring instrumentals, creating music that’s just perfect for a rainy night.

Secrets (Juveniles remix) – Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts is a London-based singer/songwriter and she’s set to release her single, Secrets on Sunday. The euphoric Juveniles remix is is a definite weekend soundtrack, featuring lush vocals and an infectious, dancefloor ready beat.

Teardrops – Alice Rose

Alice Rose’s voice is equal parts breathy and strong. Teardrops is a beautifully honest, introspective track from the talented, Copenhagen-born singer. Her album, Each is A DREAM is out November 4, and we can’t wait!

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