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tales of a time travelling songstress: review

Image courtesy of The Butterfly Club

Image courtesy of The Butterfly Club

Bobbie-Jean sends the audience plummeting head-first into a time warp, with her enchanting debut cabaret Tales of a Time Travelling Songstress, which was showcased at The Butterfly Club last weekend. This talented cabaret artist is responsible for writing and producing the play as well. I travelled through a decade-spanning journey interweaving love stories, lovely songs, heart breaks, dances and laughs. Caught in a tirade of emotional vortexes, Bobbie-Jean raised gooseflesh as her powerful voice began to crescendo.

Draped in a deep crimson vintage frock, set in the timeless ambience of The Butterfly Club, the performer reeled the audience into depths of fervour, forging strong connections. The show entwines the stories of Kittie, a vivacious cabaret singer who travels through time and experiences the wavering ups and downs life has to offer. I lost myself revelling in the character’s mirth as new pathways and exciting adventures unfolded before her.

The show transcends from braving the heartache of the unexpected loss of Kittie’s parents to a new life encapsulated with her contagious passion for travel and adventure. With funny renditions of discos and dances, the artist rose giggles with her quirks and vital performance. Along the way, she happens to find ‘the perfect little life’ in the arms of love. Her happy, uncomplicated livelihood shared with her new man is pictured as an untouchable, safe haven. But deep down, a part of her is still restless, as the thought of losing her yearning for travel vexes her.

The themes of love, hope and passion are accentuated with depictions of daily hassles. It was an era where the simple life could bring the utmost satisfaction and happiness. Through captivating remakes of popular songs from Regina Spektor, Nat King Cole, Sia, Fleetwood Mac and others, the artist portrays her raging yen for music. A blend of jazz, pop, folk and yodel has the audience transfixed to the artist’s mesmerizing voice.

The depth of emotion evoked in her musical triggered a new found sense of respect for her work. With no inhibitions to tie her down, the prospect of discovering a new road entices Kittie and gets her up on her feet. Her whimsical personality, little quips and the air of freedom she revels in makes you fall in love with the character instantly.

The show points out that the beauty of the world lies in the simple things that keep us ticking. Vulnerability and tears make us beautifully human. Kittie warms the audiences’ heart by showing the power of friendship and the comfort it can bring to a person.

As the end of the show dawned, I felt like Kittie was one of my gal pals.  Bobbie-Jean bonded with the audience, leaving ears ringing with her melodious songs hours after the musical. Her zest for life and liberty proved to be infectious.

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