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the misadventures of miss bouzy rouge


Photo by Pauline Lévêque Photography. Image via The Butterfly Club.

Photo by Pauline Lévêque Photography. Image via The Butterfly Club.


After a successful season premiere at Melbourne’s The Butterfly Club, hit cabaret show, The Misadventures of Miss Bouzy Rouge, is back for another rollicking good time from Thursday 8th, Friday 10th and  Sunday 11th of January. Written and performed by Sarah Goussé, and accompanied by  Daniele Buatti, this one woman show explores universal themes such as self-discovery and sexual mishaps through glorious jazz songs, lively musical theatre numbers and clever remakes of much loved classics.

Lip caught up with Sarah to find out more:

Describe The Misadventures of Miss Bouzy Rouge in three words.

Funny. Entertaining. Flamboyant.

What can audiences expect (or not expect) from the show?

People can expect a lot of hilarious anecdotes about regular stuff like sexual mishaps and part time jobs, fun remakes of classic and popular tunes and audience participation. If they are expecting a tale about my tough journey as a performer or how I used to be fat and now I’m not, they will be disappointed.

Who is Miss Bouzy Rouge, and how did she come about?

Miss Bouzy Rouge is a glamourous and seductive burlesque chanteuse who hails from the artistic streets of Paris. Although she is a Miss she is really Madame; working in the famous club Le Bouzy Rouge and traveling all over the world first class to fabulous soirées and famed music halls.

I have always wanted to create a burlesque alter-ego of sorts and I am a complete Francophile who loves a drink (or 10). So when my French lover told me about a Champagne region called Bouzy Rouge which sounds like the word boozy, the name stuck like a tarte tartin.

Are there any similarities between Miss Bouzy Rouge and Sarah Goussé?

Definitely! We both love performing, on stage, (or wherever there is an audience), consuming alcohol and sex. Miss Bouzy Rouge has the extravagant life that Sarah has always dreamed of.

In The Misadventures of Miss Bouzy Rouge you are accompanied by Daniele Buatti, what’s the dynamic between the two of you, and how does that play out during the show?

I am so fortunate to work with Daniele. He is incredibly talented musical director and we have a really cheeky relationship on (and off) stage. He has no problem with bringing me back down to earth during the show which keeps me on my toes. I love it!

What drew you to Cabaret, and what do you love about it?

I think the freedom of being whoever you want to be on stage is the best thing about cabaret. I love musical theatre but for something so camp, it’s really straight! I found cabaret to be perfect for my performing style as I love interacting with the audience and changing dialogue to suit certain moments throughout the show. It is absolutely the most fun I’ve had on stage.

Tell us about the process of producing a one woman show- what are the highlights and what is challenging?

It was completely nuts, but I wouldn’t change a thing!  When I decided to create my own show, I just started writing as much as I could and tried watch as many live cabaret shows that my budget would allow! As it was my first solo show, it was challenging as I had to really trust my instincts and stay true to my vision. But the main highlight has been that I have created a cabaret show from scratch that is unique, fun and honest. And I am pretty proud about that!

What advice would Miss Bouzy Rouge have for any budding performers reading this?

Mon petite choux, always follow your dreams and never let some peoples tell you that you can’t do it. They are jealous and boring. If you have the je ne sais quoi, then the world is your oysters. You are fabulous and that is all you need to know. Bisous x x x

The Misadventures of Miss Bouzy Rouge is showing at The Butterfly Club, 8, 9 and 11 January. Tickets cost $26 full/$23 concession/$22 members and are available online.



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