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Issue Fifteen – Winter 2008

feature :: lip in the new age

zooming in on the zodiac
dear aquarius …
controlling your dreams

feature :: love music?

no rest for the young and restless
the days of dance
heavy mental
review: the blow
review: laine

feature :: are you a geek girl?

lara croft – hot or not?
game on! women in the virtual world
comic: snake skins

feature :: wordly, worldly women

women of the world
girls making self-esteem
women’s business: the soul searching mission

feature :: sex and relationships

the pleasant of sex
definition via the other half
the fabric binding family

health :: life :: politics

a broad abroad: jiuhua shan
sex(uality): the no sex column
a dreamer’s view: episode VI love, hate and other four-letter words
my west life village: midtown christmas
fighting words: the fight for feminism

art :: music :: culture

art: world of wearable art
fashion: eline m – a tapestry of history, beauty and corsetry
d-i-y: indie business
running with scissors: zine culture – self publishing and anarchy

your words

poetry: mirror
poetry: dear diary
fiction: ten things about bailey
book review: a gorgeous sense of hope, a love fable
book review: nick and norah’s infinite playlist
book review: ten things I hate about me

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