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q&a with laura lydall

Laura Lydall, Image courtesy of Max Markson

Laura Lydall, Image courtesy of Max Markson

White Ribbon, the Australian charity that raises awareness for domestic violence will soon be benefitting from donations from the sale of a new 3G Safety Watch which provides a range of features that can help shift workers and women who are out late at night. The watch has built-in geo fencing, has an on-call feature that chaperones you to your car, it can alert emergency services, and can act as a mobile phone when necessary. The 3G Safety Watch was created by former USA Bodyguard Sy Laga’aia, and Laura Lydall, a White Ribbon ambassador and international swimsuit model, and Olympic swimming champ Dawn Fraser, have been promoting the watch ever since it’s launch in Sydney at the end of June. I had a chat to Laura about how she got involved in this great project.

First, could you tell me about your career as a swimsuit model: how did you start down this path and what have you enjoyed about it so far?    

I first started my career in the swimsuit modelling industry when I was 18 and I entered competitions because I enjoyed them and they helped boost my self esteem. At a competition I was discovered by an agent and I started doing fashion parades for international and Australian swimwear brands. My main passion in modelling was being a photographic model and I began travelling to shoot advertising campaigns for international and Australian swimsuit  and sportswear designers. In the last few years my highlights were being a Maxim magazine cover model, the star of the most controversial TV ad of 2014 for Ultratune. The international brand model for the 3G Safety watch and ambassador for the White Ribbon charity . The part I enjoyed the most is a recent trip to Mexico with 50 international models for a reality TV show. How did you get involved with White Ribbon? Why did you do so?   I got involved with White Ribbon by being selected as a calendar model for them to raise funds. This charity really makes a difference in many people’s lives.

Tell me about why you are passionate about raising awareness about domestic violence 

I’m passionate about supporting and raising awareness after seeing a few close friends traumatic experiences suffering domestic violence they endured. This opened my eyes to the need for more support and awareness. This year it was made a priority in the political budget to address these issues.

How did you get involved with the 3G Safety Watch project? What does your role as an ambassador involve?

I spent a year looking to work with a company I believed was unique and had a product people really needed. After an intense interview with Sy Laga’aia , the founder and CEO, I was lucky to be selected. The role entails promoting the 3G Safety Watch via my social media following on Instagram. I’ve also taken a few extra steps to promoting the watch, also the launch event of the 3G Safety Watch which Dawn Fraser and I were ambassador guests.  I’m constantly travelling and networking to promote the Safety watch.

Describe to me what the watch does and how it increases personal safety 

The main feature is the RED button on the top right corner. This will activate an emergency alert when pressed for 3 seconds to the 24/7 monitoring centre, locate you by GPS, GPRS, GSM and Wi-fi, track you every 5 seconds if you’re moving and records every sound around the watch.

Why do you think it’s important for people to wear and use this watch? 

Personal safety and peace of mind knowing that emergency help is only a press of a button away.

What about this watch is different than other smart watches and than mobile phones? 

To begin with it doesn’t need to pair with a mobile phone and it is designed strictly to be used as a safety and security device.  

What do you hope for the future of the Safety Watch? 

To become the bench mark for personal emergency safety watches

Visit to check out what the Safety Watch can do.

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