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People are nosey. Nosey-Parker syndrome as it should be known, is, I am convinced, a trait expressed by people the world over – an epidemic of need-to-know-ness. Much greater than Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site that facilitates this drive, is that of the spiritual industry.

Mystic-Meg and her tea-leaf reading abilities: enjoying a milky brew of English Breakfast is a difficult task when your cup is whipped away from you no sooner than finishing so she can consider the bunny-like formation of soaked leaves which lies at the bottom. Somehow, this equates to financial security, a prospective career, two boys and a girl and a healthy heart line – oh wait, that’s palm-reading-Pam’s specialty.

How much weight do some of us place in what could be argued as a bunch of hocus-pocus? Seemingly, a lot. Some even make a living out of it. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t from time to time considered seeking out my own bunny-shaped tea leaf in an attempt to determine my life path or provide some direction. The irony is that the answer is startlingly obvious and needless to say, in most cases, far more cost effective. Instead of trusting our own intuition on such topics, we’re encouraged to place complete confidence in the misgivings of a tent-dwelling stranger – usually in the hope of seeking reassurance that our lives will be full of prosperity, good health, relationships and (hopefully) driving a Range Rover.

I’ll admit to perusing the horoscopes of the Sunday Magazine and even on one occasion, confess to sharing a brew with a gypsy-woman of some description at the local markets. Whether or not what she prophesied actually came true, I forget…but I’m sure it was profound enough to provide some comfort for the $20 I’d just invested in foretelling my future (it seemed like a solid investment at the time). In any case, if the typical portrayal of how these things go is correct, something would have been espoused about two planets aligning, colliding or entering my atmosphere with the force of a meteor shower over a small umbrella.

Deciphering meaning from the clairvoyant code can be a difficult task for the mere mortal when de-coding the gobbledygook that fills the astrological pages of the local lift-out. Whether we ultimately understand what’s being relayed is irrelevant. In this instance, the proof is in the purchase; that is, some of us (those who have lost touch with or failed to discover our intuition) will seek the answers about our own future from others.

Dabbling in such pastimes as fortune telling, therefore provides some much needed comfort to those seeking answers or direction; a tickler – a snippet of insight. Something to reaffirm a sense of self or at the very least, suffice an otherwise mild case of the nosey-parker itch.

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