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ep review: the black lullaby


If you’re into modern rock with the fresh hint of Paramore-like melodies and guitar riffs, then you’re probably going to like these guys. Straight out from Australia, The Black Lullaby describe themselves as ‘indie rock…blessed with a melodic sensibility and a swag of quality songwriting’.

Most admirably, the album features tracks that have been completely independently created, offering listeners relatable lyrics on the nostalgic past and coming to terms with the present. The vibe from each easy listen confirms that the band has its true identity firmly in place. They know what they’re doing.

First track off the album, Let it Go, dives straight into the hardships of life, reassuring listeners that struggles are inevitable: ‘You don’t have to be a soldier’. The following tracks glide together as a collection that each complement the last, making it a collaboration of life’s obstacles, the heart’s desires and the ways to overcome the darkness in a mental space.

Exploring the notion of self-defining and a sense of belonging, the album constantly refers the mind’s ability to control an individual. Gets Me Thinking, explains the imagination’s power of taking over the conscience, whilst Journey Up takes on the feel-good and positive beats of simply enjoying life.

Versatility is a key factor in this EP, making it a collaboration of tracks for differing moods. Whilst some are emotional and play on the traits of life’s inevitable obstacles, others ponder on existence itself, giving it a peaceful vibe and eclectic style for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  Those who don’t carry a taste for rock will still find The Black Lullaby an easy listen, given its lyrical relations to the average individual.

Whilst the album finishes with On My Own, a track on the boredom of a repetitious lifestyle, The Black Lullaby has a knack for making you think about you own life’s path and the choices that have come to leave you in the present day. Each track is a fresh reminder of life’s inevitable hurdles, combined with a unique rock scene and lively listening. Anyone who is a fan of light rock or indie beats should give this one a good listen.

By Cassandra McBlane

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