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brekkie quest: cafe shenkin, erskineville

Cafe Shenkin, Erskineville

53 Erskineville Road, Erskineville

2.83 ‘Listen to Timeout, go for the Israeli salad’

Shalom, Shenkin. You are a groovy Israeli haunt with funky music, friendly service, great Mecca coffee and one heck of a breakfast knife. I thought I was onto a winner with you, until my eggs arrived. I know Timeout rate your brekkie (I even brought my fat-pants in eager anticipation) but I was bitterly disappointed with your food. Your omelette, despite being somewhat tasty with the chorizo and all, was dry and horrifying to look at. Your toast was also dry and not exactly toasted. I couldn’t figure out if I was a satisfied or dissatisfied customer? I left confused. Quite full, but confused.

Coffee: 4 Mecca. Good coffee.
Eggs: 1 I was saddened by my omelette. I wish I’d had the Israeli breakfast like Timeout told me to. Damn it.
Toast: 1 Your toast was comparable to dried cardboard.
Knife: 4.5 It was serrated and sporting a sturdy handle. If only I had toast that was worthy of the battle.
Ambience: 4 I liked your vibe. Your service was faultless; you had groovy tunes playing and three large spaces in which to file patrons into.
Price: 2.5 Price is good. Eggs on toast $8.50.

By Katherine Riches

Hello Sydney Cafes. Katherine Riches wants the creamiest coffee, the gooiest eggs and the crustiest toast. Do you have them for her? She’s also looking for sharp cutlery. What kind of cafe serves thick sourdough toast with a butter knife? She does not like these cafes. They make eating hard work. Her brekkie quest aims to seek out all you groovy cafes from you cruel and daggy ones. P.S. She’ll also be scoring your elements from 1 to 5.

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2 thoughts on “brekkie quest: cafe shenkin, erskineville

  1. Poor Katherine! I wouldn’t have been impressed either, going by the pics! That’s no way for a chorizo omelette and toast to look 🙁

  2. Your biggest mistake was going to an Israeli Cafe and not trying an Israeli Breakfast! The Angelita and the Shakshuka are incredible. As are the pastries they make there, on another planet!

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