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pozible heads to queensland to launch the brisbane edit!

the brisbane edit

In the last few weeks we have reported on The Sydney Edit and some awesome NSW projects crowdfunded through Pozible. This week, however, our focus moves somewhere warmer: to Brisbane! The Brisbane Edit is the second of the Pozible Edits, highlighting projects, events and opportunities in the local Brisbane area. A busy and colourful webpage turns the spotlight to homegrown start-ups, creatives and crowdfunders. And in this small, warm capital city, there is an absolute buzz of creativity!

This week Lip spoke to Natasha Duckett, Pozible’s PR Manager, about this exciting venture.

Why run a Brisbane Edit? ‘What better way than to really support collaboration, encourage initiatives and to showcase great initiatives than by bringing together everyone from that community, into the one space,’ says Natasha. ‘That’s what the Pozible Edits are really about.’

Pozible has high hopes for the Edits; the aim is to build dialogue and press around the innovative ideas and projects that locals in each city are creating. ‘We want to help create a bit of a local crowdfunding community who can support each other.’

‘We love how these Edits give us an opportunity to immerse ourselves in each city’s culture, and give us a chance to investigate great venues, local creative industries, opportunities and (of course) their cool ideas.’

And these “cool ideas” are plentiful in Brisbane. There are emerging musicians funding quirky film clips; there is a young chef delivering fresh vegetarian lunches all over the city; there is even a restoration of a 1959 caravan. The projects featured are artsy, ambitious, useful, challenging and environmentally friendly. The crowdfunding rewards range from gourmet food tours to personalised comics.

Natasha expects the highlights of The Brisbane Edit to be these projects. ‘We never cease to be amazed with the great ideas that each city brings to Pozible. There’s also a lot of great events and networking opportunities that we’re happy to keep posting to the page to keep people in the know about what’s happening.’

In addition to setting up a hyper-local webpage where all of these projects can be found, Pozible are offering a range of events and opportunities for wannabe Pozible project creators:

  • Residencies at the River City Labs at Fortitude Valley, which include access to Pozible’s expertise in project management, social media, PR, copywriting and more. For more information on how to apply, click here.
  • Elance-oDesk goodies, for five Pozible project creators. This includes $200 worth of oDesk credits plus $400 HireUp support this month. Find more info about Elance-oDesk and this opportunity here.
  • Partnership with the Brisbane Fringe Festival and Raw Nerve. More news about this soon!
  • Brisbane Crowdfunding Workshop, a night providing advice about planning your own Pozible campaign. Bookings to the free event on August 6th can be made here.
  • Bootstrapping a Food Business, a panel event with Brisbane’s local foodie entrepreneurs. Bookings for this free event on August 7th can be made here.

Any last words, Natasha? ‘Yes, it would be amazing for Brisbanites to get on board and show each other some love by checking out each other’s projects and share the love via #thebrisbaneedit via Instagram and Twitter!’

There you have it, Lipsters – The Brisbane Edit! Follow the links below to get on board…



Hashtag for Instagram and Twitter: #thebrisbaneedit




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Instagram: @Pozible


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