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up & comer: suzie smart

Tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is Suzie Smart and I’m a singer/songwriter/guitarist. I first got into music hearing my Dad play Bob Dylan on his acoustic guitar – when I heard the real deal I was hooked! At the age of 19 I picked up a guitar, learnt three chords and began writing.

Tell us a bit about your journey as a musician so far.
I have been involved in all sorts as a musician. I have performed as an acoustic artist, a solo punk and creator/front-woman/sole songwriter of punk band The Benwahs. My music has been used on British television as well as national and international radio stations. I have worked with a number of top producers, including Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Kings Of Leon, OCS) and Pete Lyons (Amy Winehouse, Babyshambles, Buzzcocks). I have also had my track, I Saw You Lying, remixed into a Dance anthem, which is now being played in England and America.

I am currently releasing music as a solo singer/songwriter. I really feel at home with an acoustic guitar and love the vulnerability of such a stripped back sound. Singer/songwriters are my main influences and going back to my roots is very liberating!

Describe your music for a new listener.
I have a unique sound, merging both punk and acoustic influences into a self-styled genre. Many of my songs contain a simple melody layered with heart breaking vocals accompanied by intricate guitar. I love the juxtaposition between beautiful music and haunting vocals. My music has inviting comparisons to Kate Bush, Karen O, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Blondie.

Where would you like to see yourselves (as a musician) in two years time?
I am a massive fan of music in film so would love to have my songs featured on the big screen! It would be dream for someone to say, ‘Wow, that song really made that scene!’. I’d also love to collaborate with other musicians and carry on recording and releasing music. Oh, and obviously win an award for Critically Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter of the year!!

You can catch more of Suzie’s music via her Facebook or Soundcloud.

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