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brekkie quest: orto trading, surry hills

orto trading 3
Orto Trading

38 Waterloo Street, Surry Hills

3.33 ‘Hanging lamps and plants’
Hello Orto. Gosh I liked you. I’d visited you previously for a couple of vinos and vowed to come back for a couple of cappuccinos. And here I finally was – amongst your rugged brick walls with hanging plant-filled bottles and dim-lit lamps, seated at one of your fresh wooden tables, with eleven of my closest friends. You went above and beyond for us, tending to our every need. Your menu was definitely appealing. But tragically, when the food arrived, it was tasteless. And not just mine, the same sentiment was felt by many at my table with their respective dishes. How could something so colourful and pretty taste quite so bland? Perhaps it was just an off day for the chef? I sure hope so cause you are the sweetest little venue, perfect for group dining on a fresh sunny Sunday morning. I’ll most certainly be back. 

Coffee: 4   
Eggs: 3  Beautifully prepared, but lacking flavour. 
Toast: 3.5  Lots of variety. 
Knife: 2.5  Nice, but not spesh.
Ambience: 4.5 Bright and open, lots of simple wooden tables, bare brick walls, greenery hanging from the ceilings and a chilled out vibe. Price: 2.5 Eggs on toast are $11, which is pretty good given the meals are hefty sizes. 
orto trading 1

orto trading 2
orto trading 4

By Katherine Riches


Hello Sydney Cafes. Katherine Riches wants the creamiest coffee, the gooiest eggs and the crustiest toast. Do you have them for her? She’s also looking for sharp cutlery. What kind of cafe serves thick sourdough toast with a butter knife? She does not like these cafes. They make eating hard work. Her brekkie quest aims to seek out all you groovy cafes from you cruel and daggy ones. P.S. She’ll also be scoring your elements from 1 to 5.


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