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brekkie quest: thelma & louise, neutral bay

Thelma Louise 1
thelma & louise, neutral bay

1 Hayes Street, Neutral Bay

3.0 ‘Colourful harbour-side diner’ 

Hello, Thelma and Louise. You are by far one of the most gorgeous little cafes I’ve been to in Neutral Bay. Literally on the ferry wharf, your balcony can’t get much closer to the yacht speckled harbour. I felt like I was on holidays. Your furnishings and crockery are infectiously colourful. And yet your menu looks like its come straight out of an American diner. Nothing appealed on it at first, but I was very satisfied with my eggs on toast. Your portions are pretty sizeable and your coffee is large and tasty too. We liked you very much. Perfect way to kick off a sunny morning.
Coffee: 3 Yummo. Huge.
Eggs: 3.5  Gosh there were so many scrambled eggs. And so creamy.
Toast: 3 It was a little under-toasted. But there was lots of it. Lots.
Knife: 2 Average.
Ambience: 4 It’s nice to sit by the harbour. I would’ve liked a seat on the balcony, but I was just as happy surrounded by your colourful furnishings. You’ve got gnomes and wine and flying cars and spotty mugs and crazy mismatched chairs. You’ve also got groovy music.
Price: 2.5 Not cheap. Eggs on toast $10.50. But portion sizes and location considered, you’re not bad.

Thelma Louise 2
Thelma Louise 3
Thelma Louise 4

By Katherine Riches

Hello Sydney Cafes. Katherine Riches wants the creamiest coffee, the gooiest eggs and the crustiest toast. Do you have them for her? She’s also looking for sharp cutlery. What kind of cafe serves thick sourdough toast with a butter knife? She does not like these cafes. They make eating hard work. Her brekkie quest aims to seek out all you groovy cafes from you cruel and daggy ones. P.S. She’ll also be scoring your elements from 1 to 5.

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