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an open letter for those against homophobia


You may be one of my friends or family or I may have never met you but I’ve been thinking, and there’s not many other ways I can word how I feel about you. Whenever I see you, or hear of something great you did, I feel an exciting, refreshed feeling. There’s a weight lifted from my shoulders and an honest perspective in my mind. In simple words…

I love you.

I love you for not being homophobic. Do you know how much easier it makes my life? Let me tell you.

Without you in the world, I might be one tiny voice that was barely heard. I might have never jumped out of the closet and I might have never met some of the amazing people in my life. I may not enjoy my job or feel as comfortable with who I am.

I may not have achieved a sense of fulfillment in my life and I may not have written my first piece for Lip magazine, or even be writing this letter today. Without you fighting the homophobic ways I may not have become the person I am today, and that scares me. I guess I owe you a lot.

I also need to say thank you.

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your love to others, for educating the uninformed and for opening the minds of the close-minded. Thank you for being a voice for those who aren’t quite ready to use their own yet.

Thank you for educating homophobes about gay rights and for rap artists to produce songs about marriage equality. Thank you for teaching pageant child-star Honey Boo Boo ‘There’s nothin’ wrong with being a little gay.’ Thank you for standing against homophobia and making it more of a minority opinion!

Thank you for the rainbows, the campaigns, the marches and the parades. I appreciate all of it — that’s why I’m usually standing right beside you (sometimes covered in glitter, with one too many glasses of champagne).

Most importantly, thank you for making a girl feel like someone’s got her back, even if she may not have even met you. Just knowing your gay-friendly, supportive vibes are being spread makes my insides go all warm and my heart melt. So cheers to you!

With love and rainbows,

A Raging Homosexual.

One thought on “an open letter for those against homophobia

  1. Of course we are there for you the rest of them are just slow at catching up. We’ll get them there eventually. Resilience

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